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Following close the only shoe factory in China after its own, in order to simplify the supply chain, Nike began each foundry "strike." "Daily Economic News" was informed yesterday, the next six months to a year, Nike will stop for the next four sneakers Asian foundry orders. In addition, Nike will also terminate partnerships with several Asian apparel foundries. shorten the supply chain suppliers pressure It is understood that a total of 640 co-generation of Nike factories in Asia, where China's most cooperative factories, to around 180. In addition to China, Nike in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea also have foundries. 2007 fiscal year, 35 percent of the global Nike shoes made in China, while China is an important sourcing base for Nike apparel and equipment products. "Nike footwear supplier with 40 deal, many suppliers are long-term partners." A Nike supplier yesterday on the "Daily Economic News" said that in recent years, Nike shoes gradually to the functional professional transformation, which requires factories have technology to improve the process than the previous corresponding suppliers will increase the threshold, "received more than a lot of shoe is Nike's largest single, they have at most three brand customers. " It is understood that, in order to shorten the supply chain, reducing a style of Nike sports shoes sales period to 8-9 months, less than half than in the past. "Before it was once every two weeks under the order, has now become once a week under orders; shoe life cycle from the past 5-6 months reduced to 3 months or so therefore foundries have shortened the production process.." Said Supplier represents Nike's production chain reform makes the role of suppliers began to shift - from a purely manufacturing company into a service-oriented manufacturing. & Footwear Supplier Instead, deal with Nike apparel suppliers are short-term contracts signed by more, relatively speaking, Nike clothing control of these foundries is relatively small. It is understood that Nike clothing more than the number of footwear foundries foundries. "Nike is very sensitive to the cost, because their orders than larger, so Nike can leave a relatively small orders for our profit margins." Worked for Nike apparel products in a foundry supplier Zhejiang told reporters. Orders Orders fell 10% split in southeastern economic downturn so retailers have reduced orders, even the world's largest sporting goods cheap air jordans online brands - Nike, was not spared. Nike recently said in the earnings report, as of the third quarter of 2008, the global Nike brand sports shoes and sportswear orders (related products will be delivered in July - March 2009) worth $ 6.5 billion, compared with the reduced by 10% over the years. It is reported that, in order to reduce costs, Nike aspects of conducting a comprehensive audit, including shortening the supply chain and reduce personnel expenses and so on. And the Nike closed its own factories and stop orders issued to a number of factories behavior indicates that Nike is trying to concentrate production to fewer production base, is no longer as issuing orders to the large number of factories as in the past. Message from Fujian aspect display, Nike has decided to add some production lines in Fujian. According to informed sources, in addition to the transfer of some production lines to Southeast Asian countries, the right technology, process demanding Nike will be gradually put in Guangdong, Jiangsu and production business to Fujian. In order to reduce personnel costs, last month, Nike announced a high profile for a wide range of internal reorganization, the largest number of layoffs will reach 4%. Nike worldwide currently employs about 35,000 employees, which means 1,400 employees may be adjusted in the reorganization.Adidas again Boost running shoes family launched a new member, this was named Adidas Pure Boost X shoes, the effect of beauty first exposure. Its shape design is very similar to that of Ultra Boost, but the design of shoe side window still has some ideas. At the same time, in order to further solve the problem of outsole wear resistance, the designer specially thickened the outsole material. learned that the shoes will be officially released by Adidas recently, like friends may continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. (shoes net editor plum) if you are a Nike fan, then Nike launched this activity must pay attention to. Nike will be held from June 13th to June 20th, opening promotional activities, the lowest discount reached 50 percent off, the whole network of 1200+ single product have a discount, if you love, don't miss it, click here to enter quickly into the official Nike panic buying. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you e Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale xperience! documents of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council state owned assets regulation [2006] No. 133 Circular of on Issuing the detailed rules for the implementation of the Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of investment in central enterprises Central Enterprises: in order to regulate the central business investment supervision and management work, according to the "Interim Measures for the supervision and management of central enterprises" investment (order of SASAC No. sixteenth), the committee formulated the "Interim Measures for the supervision and management of the central enterprises to invest in implementing rules", is issued to you, please follow carefully. state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; two, six, July 18th, rules for the implementation of Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of investment in central enterprises the first to regulate the central business investment supervision and management work, according to the "Interim Measures for the supervision and management of central enterprises" investment (order of SASAC No. sixteenth, hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), these rules are formulated. , second central enterprises (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) in the territory of fixed assets investment, property rights acquisition, long-term equity investment activities should comply with the "measures" and the implementation of these rules. third enterprises shall, in accordance with the provisions of the articles fifth and sixth of the measures, formulate investment decision-making procedures and management systems, make clear the corresponding management institutions, and report to the SASAC for the record. enterprise investment management system mainly includes the following content: (1) the enterprise is responsible for the name, responsibility, management framework and corresponding authority of the investment management institution; (two) principles followed by investment activities, decision making procedures and corresponding quantitative management indicators.)The new "Ousadia Alegria" Neymar football shoes is reflected in the athlete life creed, two words in the name of the shoes were Neymar tattooed on my leg. Ousadia and Alegria cheap jordans are respectively "brave" and "joy", which defines Neymar's style of football, but also a symbol of his personal charm. f1371ad1-7a9e-418e-a585-48492691b9b5.jpg (131.98 KB, download number: 13) download The new OUSADIA ALEGRIA series Neymar 2016-1-27 10:50 upload "I put" Alegria "and the joy in life and I love football bring me happy combination," Ousadia "means having the courage to challenge other unexpected things." Neymar said. 089b58cb-1486-4043-83a5-1f6e25511fd4.jpg (161.02 KB, download number: 12) download The new OUSADIA ALEGRIA series Neymar 2016-1-27 10:49 upload 287ca993-2008-4a80-bfba-0d5297462a59.jpg (213.58 KB, download number: 12) download The new OUSADIA ALEGRIA series Neymar 2016-1-27 10:49 upload "I created two different images, representing the 'Ousadia' and 'Alegria'," he said, "one is the 'heart', the other is a" hand ", the intention of this idea is designed with the image instead of the direct transfer of information, more interesting than this is the creation of." 1b4e63c2-a954-4fd4-aa55-5a9190d64455.jpg (179.37 KB, download number: 14) download The new OUSADIA ALEGRIA series Neymar 2016-1-20Sports players Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski new color models 2013-10-24 10:06:40 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network October 24 hearing, in summer 2013, regional sports brand Nike's skateboarding Nike SB continues to hunt hair like as inspiration for the legendary riders Stefan Janoski signature shoes modeled bring this Black / Legion Green-Laser Orange color. The continuation of its iconic low cylinder profile shoes with black and olive green suede shoes are incorporated in and constitute, supplemented within black Swoosh embroidery Logo and light yellow in presenting extraordinarily fresh brisk, and classic white rubber outsole then bring about the desired fit feel. (Media Partner: clothing with) Related news1_201007200304293wG73.jpg (81.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-20 15:54 upload released this week by Vans Australia Dustin Dollin signature shoes skater DD Spawn. This low skateboard shoes using a very unique design, the design will toe skin friction of the surface of the shoe body and fastening is significantly improved, can effectively prevent wear shoes. This shoe interested friends can focus on the smuggled goods Vans channels, recently jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black has been shipped. 1_201007200304292O330.jpg (259.59 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-20 15:54 upload 1_201007200304291I84N.jpg (307.66 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-20 upload 15:54Nike Basketball 2012 All-Star China Exclusive Pack Nancy 2013-2-10 16:43:01 to upload the author: Reading: 254 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes informationDaan Forest Park has become a landmark of Taiwan runners, many brands have run group, as a base runner with communication, we are invited to participate in the BROOKS concept store opening so Xinyi yesterday, into the store can also see the menu to show the creative shoes price list, this is because the Xinyi concept store decoration atmosphere BROOKS Run Happy inherited the concept to encourage nature, and the BROOKS headquarters in Seattle, is the world famous coffee, so shoes price signs with Cafe bar menu concept to create the blackboard. BROOKS after the beginning of Taiwan on behalf of Catherine and Joe Colistro are international business manager for the brand and Xinyi concept store are introduced, Taiwan is not only the United States is "running between the concept store, will also become the world's first published the latest version of the Run Signature App station. on this important occasion, BROOKS invited the annual spokesperson Bryant Chang for the first time in public appearances, in addition to personal demonstrations of the latest running apparel and shoes, but also in the store entrance to sign a memorial. , and in Joe, Colistro, Bryant Chang, brand sponsorship players start RUN HAPPY energy charging ceremony, BROOKS Lutheran concept shop officially opened! Then is another highlight of today, by the Joe Colistro Run Signature to help Bryant Chang personally experience foot measuring system, to become the world's first public demonstration of the media by the test runner, Joe Colistro said: "think BROOKS always stand in the running angle: how to make a run run better and more comfortable. So, for hundreds of years, dedicated and committed to running related research and design, Run Signature App is in this spirit of research and development of the epoch-making foot test program. Everyone's running style are not the same, a pair of running shoes should conform to their original body movement gait, rather than running shoes to force the correction of their own runni jordan shoes online sale ng, because running is no absolute right or wrong. "." when tested in the knee and calf attached special induction piece, first recorded knee squats and posture of the state, and then by Run Signature App analysis of the thigh, knee and ankle joints, differences in withstand high impact running state and the original gait, followed by the field special recommendations for the interpretation of shoes, and BROOKS Lutheran concept store will provide free future of this major foot measurement service, please directly contact. and background programming according to official data that is in the selection of the 2012 London Olympics Team USA, Iain Hunter with high speed photography biomechanics expert recorded 10000 meters finals before grade 32 〉 think Adidas Dame 3 so far behind the launch of each color are in possession of a Damian Lillard and related deeds are inseparable, representatives from the Portland pioneer Rip City, the home court of On Tour, enjoy the journey away to pay tribute to his alma mater, Front Wasatch University draw itself songs such as Legacy more than double style included, all with itself closely Chai spokesperson. the latest stage of 'By Any Means' is a tribute to Damian Lillard from the urine and age of older and taller neighbors playing with memories, calm blue hue as a symbol of young age left in the collision bruising, but also because he makes day in and day out of temper, so in today's tough competition the physical quality of the fighting spirit and refuse to be cowed or submit. Not long ago was the first career West NBA single player of the week he, in March the race with 13 wins and 3 losses record led his team to the playoffs fight. The color has been officially on sale in the United States, priced at $115, the Taiwan area if relevant news we will arrange to sell listed share to you as soon as possible reporting station. source: / Adidas / @damianlillard Tubular Adidas Tubular X design base of popular fashion favorite, fashion avant-garde movement in profile hidden technology and practical, the launch of a bright color for the spindle, with black and red Primeknit woven material to form the body of the shoe, and the collocation of X leather to bring to create a sense of hierarchy, finally the big white to create eye-catching combination of the most fiery, has been listed on Politics and news source: eukicks2015 Adidas Ultra Boost published a new technology of jogging shoes, lead more people to experience Boost Jiaogan, because of the use of Primeknit material at the same time, expand the development of shoe design. Time flies, and Ultra Boost has also been updated and evolved, and recently released the latest Ultra Boost 3 in foreign time 12/6. Although the overall profile has not changed much, the details of the new version, such as the transparent side stabilizer sheet and the new Primeknit pattern, are all new. believes that for many observers, it still loves the original Ultra Boost, and even doesn't understand why the adidas follow up will have such similar follow-up work. Foreign media Nice Kicks recently will bring us with designer Ben Herath interview, we explain why the Ultra Boost for the year by year evolution, complexity and Primeknit behind this fascinating material, also talked about Ben for Kanye West in Ultra Boost the influence of. is not difficult to know from interviews. Ultra Boost 3 uses Aramis to dynamically capture the performance of both feet, designed to help bend or call lines for the Primeknit. In addition, in fact, each Ultra Boost design is based on the wearing of fit and comfort considerations, the purpose is always to improve the experience and create a new sense of comfort. In addition, the difference of Ben also developed elastic yarn and non elastic yarn used in the shoe, but also to understand more different kinds of yarn, such as the recent collaboration with Parley made of plastic bottles recycled materials is a good example, also reflecting yarn is after years of development, every new Primeknit design through years of accumulation of the data. As for some people may think that the appearance of Boost 3 and Yeezy Ultra Boost are similar, this is not explained for designers in the team and to limit the exchange of everyone, so in the design of Ultra Boost 3. The effect will be more or less cooperative effect. And while Kanye West was constantly using Ultra Boost in public, designers were surprised and honored, because at first the design never thought that it might end up on Kayane's feet and on the stage. The interview also tried to drop Ultra Boost 'Vachetta Tan' custom, and wondering whether Ultra Boost would move in a different direction, Ben responded by saying that he preferred the guest system or the othersThe earlier in video on the Internet exposure notice Air Jordan XXX will debut in the United States on January 14, 2016, it will be held in Chicago will be released, but also open The Next Frontier of Flight core concept, in addition there is no more information, we will continue to fulfill their exploration and track the latest message, look forward to AirJordan XXX official come. 1.14.16 #AJXXX - Jacques Slade (@kustoo) December 17, 2015 source: @j23app sports brand for future territory to emphasize the different points, as proposed by Adidas Futurecraft is clearly on the shoes process show innovation and trying to subvert the current industry supply and demand, so in this period, adidas has been out of style to sell many prospective samples and for the city, is that consumers understand the brand new target. however, announced a partnership with a German supplier of AMSilk in silk biosynthesis research today in New York well-known Adidas Biofabricate meeting, and will make the company develop Biosteel fiber shoes, at the same time to bring a new concept of shoes Futurecraft Biofabric. This double prototype upper is made using 100% Biosteel fiber, high performance fiber material such as natural and can be naturally decomposed, and it is better than the general synthetic fiber reduced about 15% of the weight for manufacturing shoe money is a big breakthrough. One of the 100% materials by natural decomposition is a continuation of Adidas on the concept of environmental protection, as the upcoming styles and vice versa tomorrow Parley cooperation in environmental protection, a lot of effort, but also show the innovation. finally, as Futurecraft Biofabric is currently in the R & D concept phase, no news is available. But Adidas also said that the future will work with AMSilk to develop more use of Biosteel materials related shoes, quite looking forward to. source: AMSilk / Sole Collector / HYPEBEAST when most of the sports brands develop new technologies, most people are pretty curious and even wonder what this technology can do for us Adidas Boost technology, which appeared last year, even though it has only recently begun to be used for basketball shoes, has just come on stage for jogging shoes and in order to provide good energy resilience. This time, in the Berlin marathon, Dennis Kimetto broke the record with 2:02:57, becoming the fastest marathon in history. At the same time, the foot of the adios Boost Boost technology has also set a classic moment, laying good results. source: Sole CollectorWarriors, one of the "brothers of the waves", Klay Thompson, this season ushered in his personal exclusive style Anta KT1, rumored to also be given the ability to upgrade woven uppers. However, as the brand's first pair of shoes into the knitting technology, Anta does not act the whole double apply, but pragmatic in the first half with composite plastic shoes to ensure support and durability, use only half as lightweight and breathable properties of reinforcement in the post; in addition, the tongue a signature instead of individual Logo, and the outsole is changed to the transparent rubber material, let it be compared with the general version under not only the actual performance, even the appearance texture also have significantly improved.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Following Beijing, Sichuan, adidas (Adidas) woman shop recently landed in Shanghai, located in Pudong Super Brand Mall, for the love of sport, the pursuit of quality of life Female consumers a women-only sports shopping experience to meet the diverse needs of female sports enthusiasts. & nbsp; richer feminine pastel colors, lively and brisk movement elements, warm wooden floor ...... adidas woman on the decor and furnishings store to break the routine of ordinary stores, designed for girls to create the perfect sports atmosphere and comfortable shopping environment. richer feminine pastel colors, lively and brisk movement elements, warm wooden floor ...... adidas woman on the decor and furnishings store to break the routine of ordinary stores, designed for girls to create the perfect sports atmosphere and comfortable shopping environment. Featured on display inside the store adidas women's apparel, accessories and footwear new products include women's training, running, tennis, and other rich category products, more synchronous rendering StellaMcCartney cross-border cooperation with internationally renowned fashion designer of high-end women's sports goods Series adidasbyStellaMcCartney and vitality for the young girls designed adidasStellaSport series. June 5, the new generation of dynamic actress Coulee Nazha will be coming adidas Women's Super Brand Mall shop, and nearly a hundred adidasGirls together first woman to participate in shaping ATF summer courses. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sneakers network.) & Nbsp;