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Nike has done a lot of innovation in Zoom Air 20th anniversary, with the accumulation of experience, whether in a series of running shoes or the new branch has significant progress, but the recent Nike once again issued a Nike Air Zoom Odyssey innovation works, to support and lock as the main target, so we can see in the bottom part of the many bearing structure, through the empty basket to reduce the weight, and collocation on the heel stabilizer; also used before and after Zoom Air to provide cushioning instant feedback in the upper part of the Flywire technology is also different from the past, to the operation of the shuttle in the track way to fix the fly line, all sorts of design according to the feet of stability, let us in the pace of change can still maintain the correct posture to move forward, Nike Air Zoom Odyssey in August this year Start listing. source: HypebeastDoes the design of such a white remind you of the "Chef Curry" introduced at Under Armour Curry 2 Low at once? The color scheme was inspired by the nickname Stephen Curry, so it was designed with white on behalf of the chef's uniform, but because it was too concise, which attracted a lot of talk abroad. However, according to the message provided by Under Armour, Curry 3 will not use this title, but subtly follow the "Raw Sugar" on the subject of cooking. The solid color design highlights the material and carbon fiber details on both sides. Curry 3 'Raw Sugar' is expected to debut at 12/26 overseas time. source: Sole Collector since 1987, the first use of visual air cushion sports shoes came out, Nike Air Max series has been a best-selling product. Although it has successfully conquered the whole world, certain shoes have a deeper resonance with some areas and establish a strong cultural and emotional connection with the region. For example, in Italy, which is famous for its art, culture and innovation, Air Max 97 shines even brighter than its successors or predecessors. After its birth in 1997, this sneaker became the must-have item in the Italian wardrobe, a silver whirlwind sweeping across the country. original Air Max 97 this phenomenon first emerged in Rome, Milan and the ethnic culture in Naples City, then spread to the small town of italy. From night club culture to graffiti art, from the fashion show to other fields, the love of Air Max 97 goes beyond the boundaries of age and sex. Some shoes popular for several seasons after will gradually retire, but the upsurge of Air Max 97 in Italy is popular for nearly ten years, never diminished. Shining light, smooth lines, as a vehicle ventilation design and application of full palm go by like th Cheap foamposites for sale e wind, the air cushion type shock to the shoes by popular and favorite. Nike Air Max 97 'La Silver' first wave is scheduled for December 24th from INVINCIBLE and FRUITION sales, male and female models are priced at NT$5400 yuan. followed the birth of the 20th anniversary anniversary, following the release of last month's limited edition sneakers, as well as more exclusive Italian products. Nike has also invited people who have been witnessing the development of this shoe to talk about their classic memories and opinions. MICHELA GATTERMAYER, editor of ELLE (1989 - 2004) SHA RIBEIRO, a photographer for 2016 fashion theme of the most eye-catching little white pure mainstream, which shares the minimalist apparently continued to expand to 2017, the trend of global IG search people more difficult to find the black and white sports shoes has become a must-have fashion outfit. Recently a subject of sports brand PUMA announced in April will be re engraved launch popular in the 90's classic shoes PUMA MOSTRO, its avant-garde fashion minimalist appearance, black and white collocation shoes, including before the official listing has won numerous IG fashion celebrities of all ages: Charlie, May Millie, Shiona Turini have been IG share in their shoes, and in the end of last year, New York, London, and Paris fashion week also saw this pair of shoes engraved PUMA Mostro figure. "MOSTRO" in Italy in this paper with the meaning of "monsters", as its unique avant-garde appearance, PUMA Mostro was first launched on 90s won the majority of the market response, also become the decades much media circle discussion of the classic design concept of shoes. 2017 engraved the re launch of the black, white color PUMA Mostro in addition to preserve the unique minimalist Street attitude, more avant-garde design innovation fusion line, with lighter shoes and pure style, to the avant-garde has a rebellious character of the OG monster shoes salute. PUMA Mostro is coming on stage at the beginning of April the continuation of its representative elastic nylon velcro offbeat belt design, in the end from capture spike and boat shoes the concept of meticulous hobnail shape, the end of material integration of innovative lightweight, a Z type collocation Velcro ring belt and image transfer minimalist modern light fabric. Design 2017 debut of the new PUMA Mostro has a low-key but avant-garde, but also lightweight and comfortable; pure minimalist black and white shoes, and a sense of both the PUMA Mostro design before the official listing has captured the fashion industry and the trend of IG celebrities favor, with 2017 the first wave of black and white mini jordan shoes online sale malist movement the tide of fashion. new PUMA Mostro on April officially on sale, black and white are provided and ruler section for consumers to buy more goods, the price of NT$2980, please contact information: (02) 8751-5160. read 18 years leading avant-garde wave / an example of PUMA Evolution Mostro's predecessor and design story 90s classic remodelingNike Air Penny V and recently listed the new color to Ronaldo, dubbed "fluorescent pen" color to light the whole double fluorescent yellow, black and white collocation of decorative details, in addition the shoe body is also added in the splash effect, so eye-catching designs are difficult to low-key, the focus is all put it on you attention! is one of the annual topic shoes Adidas Ultra Boost ushered in a new upgraded version of the ST, the change of emphasis on performance improvement, return to the traditional type tongue for Techfit vamp covered the advanced performance, in addition to the bottom in Boost Torison System and miCoach equipped with the support of science and technology, and through the bottom side of the Energized Stability material to enhance the overall support, the use of adiWEAR outsole to increase the wear resistance, this not only let us see adidas for shoes with improved intentions, at the same time as the Boost family added a new member. Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_8Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_8 Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_7Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_7 Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_6Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_6 Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_5Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_5 Adidas_Boost_Adidas_Ultra_Boost_Adidas_Tubular_X_Sneaker_Politics_Hypebeast_4Adidas_Boost_Adi〉BAIT Spongebob SpongeBob SquarePants has brought a series of goods, including the various characters featured shoes: SpongeBob, Patrick, octopus brother, crab boss. It also features T-SHIRT and all kinds of clothing with character styles and is currently sold in BAIT and 7/17, 7/21, BAIT in the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) arranged in the booth (#4845, #4632) and on site selling shoes and clothing. if you think the January launch of the Air Jordan Retro 15 "Stealth" 10 years before they finally engraved is haven't met in a long time, then this pair of engraved for the first time since the jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 2000 launch of the "Obsidian" color really is waited long enough. The exterior design inspired by Air Jordan 15 from the American NASA stealth fighter X-15, from the body of the shoe and details can feel the fighter's style, the tongue is presented in the Jordan signs of tongue movements, in the shape of the 14 generation than in the past have a jump off thinking of the present way to launch 15 generation the age is second degrees Jordan announced his retirement to leave NBA, but people are not fighters on the battlefield and regret, but also because of this avant-garde appearance and birth age let Air Jordan 15 at the time. Air Jordan 15 Retro "Obsidian" by the Obsidian blue collocation of white, give a high contrast visual texture, and the 15 generation fighter in addition to reference as a design inspiration, the heel joined the 23, 6, 15 numbers representing the Jordan back, NBA championship, the fifteenth generation number the meaning, and extends to the sole is the number of symbols is the birthday of Jordan (2/17), which is also the design Air Jordan shoes appeared for the first time the birthday, this is also reminiscent in recent years there are many star shoes design adds the shoes through this way. The earlier "Stealth" engraved once that the actual air cushion configuration and officially marked a situation, pay special attention to this section of 'Obsidian' color at present according to the official website of Nike is only equipped with Zoom followed by Air air cushion, there was little difference with the original. Air Jordan 15 Retro 'Obsidian' Taiwan will be released on Saturday, March 4th at a price of $6300. source: NikeAt the beginning of 2014, Ferrari became the official authorized partners to celebrate the 10th anniversary, PUMA launched the new Ferrari life series and fans series of products, including life and leisure clothing, shoes and accessories such as a full set of equipment for the love of racing friends. Design inspiration this season from the Ferrari F1 team's innovative spirit and superb skills, using mixed fabric and slim version, and into the design elements rich seasonal characteristics. The whole series is filled with youthful vigor, vibrant, both technology and function, the perfect interpretation of the Maranello this city unique personality and strong vitality. The new Ferrari PUMA Spring Racing Series since January 2014 can be purchased at the designated shops, or log on the official website for more information. 64071392888782_450_400.jpg (25.52 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-20 18:07 upload Mid SF WebCage 90651392888800_500_418.jpg (123.5 KB, download number: 0) jordans on sale mens download 2014-2-20 18:07 upload Lo SF Webcage 77661392888805_500_414.jpg (110.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-20 18:07 upload 90011392888803_500_408.jpg (101.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-20 18:0Air Jordan V comes from the unique inspiration jet fighter in the new edition of design shine. This design adopts the structure of leather luxurious and exquisite details, to show the atmosphere of fashion style. The new version of Air Jordan V into the natural color, with classic translucent outsole and the corresponding two. Shoe bag design inspired by fighter jets, to attain to a new realm of new luxury. item: 881432-305 AIR-JORDAN-5-RETRO-PREMIUM-TAKE-FLIGHT-PAIR.jpg (168.4 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 5 Take Flight officially released 2017-2-8 09:23 upload AIR-JORDAN-5-RETRO-PREMIUM-TAKE-FLIGHT-TOP.jpg (246.14 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 5 Take Flight officially released 2017-2-8 09:23 upload AIR-JORDAN-5-RETRO-PREMIUM-TAKE-FLIGHT-HEEL.jpg (106.39 KB, download number: 18) download Air Jordan 5 Take Flight officially released 2017-2-8 09:23 upload AIR-JORDAN-5-RETRO-PREMIUM-TAKE-FLIGHT-MEDIAL.jpg (147.87 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 5 Take Flight officially released 2017-2-8 09:23 upload AIR-JORDAN-5-RETRO-PREMIUM-TAKE-FLIGHT-OUTSOLE.jpg (104.1 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 5 Take Flight officially released 2017-2-8 09:23 upload ZeroBeijing time on the morning of April 24th, the Pacers lost 102 to 106 knights, after the game, pedestrians can not be avoided by a large 0-4 by the defending champion Knight swept. was swept away, but the Pacers did well in the playoffs, and after four games, the Pacers lost a total of 16 points. In terms of Cavaliers, James scored 32.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 9 assists, averaging 3 steals and 2 closures. At the same time, the shooting rate was 54.3%, and the three point shot was 45%. And in the past 5 years in the playoffs, James's team will be swept out, James's first round playoff streak came to 21, beyond the "Cooper magic" Johnson, James worthy and Michael. Knight will play in the next round of the winners and the Bucks toronto. Kaili Erwin: Kyrie 3 PE Paul George: PG1 PE Tristan Thompson: Nike Soldier X PE Lebron James: Lebron XIV PE Geoff: Kobe Elite Low Mambacurial 11 Teague APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! old shoe fans often miss the exquisite workmanship and quality materials of shoe cheap jordans s in the 90s of last century, and this time, Diadora brought back a pair of authentic old shoes Diadora Aeon OG. The shoes are made of high quality leather and net face, and the shoes are made of neoprene, which fits the foot type. The red and green stripes at the heel reflect the brand Italy lineage. At present, the shoes have been sold, like friends may wish to start as soon as possible. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Just Don X Air Jordan 2 "Arctic Orange" will be on May 13th in north part of the Jordan shop sale, offering specific stores and can refer to the official demonstration review. @UBIQ today revealed the specific shoe code corresponding price. Just, Don, x, Air, Jordan 2, "Arctic Orange", color: Arctic, Orange/Arctic, Orange-University, Red adult men and women code number 923840-805 offer date: May 13, 2017 price: $350 's code number 923839-805 price: $200 baby code number: 923838-805 price: $150 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! The PALACE 2017 series of summer time in the United States in May 5th officially on sale, although the sky began to rain, but there are still a large number of fashion fans gathered at the PALACE store in New York waiting to enter the store, they wear the same is another landscape. but as a result of a vicious brawl, the sale of the store was urgently halted, and it was also a love for the friends who had been out for the night. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; because of that, Nike shoes, "run faster", "jump higher" and other propaganda contrary to generally accepted scientific principles, belong to the pseudo-science of false propaganda, Beijing this body mechanics research Masayuki so do not legitimate competition by Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., USA Nike onto the dock. reporter was informed that morning, the Beijing Higher People's Court of Final Appeal rejected the appeal of this body being the Institute of Mechanics. The Institute ergonomic Beijing Masayuki prosecution said, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. on its official website, training sites and its partner sites on, Nike Air shoes and sports shoes, elastic column It made a lot of publicity function, said it makes "run faster", "jump higher" and "high-speed breakthrough accelerator." Masayuki The Institute believes that these propaganda contrary to generally accepted scientific principles, nor is there any basis in fact, it belongs to the pseudo-science of false propaganda. Nike Suzhou company argued that there is no competition between Nike Suzhou and Masayuki this study, Masayuki this shoe is only self-developed research units, and its sales in the fitness and health site shoes and other products are also non-athletic shoes, among Nike sneakers and do not have a competitive relationship. US Nike also believes that both the products of non-similar products, there is no competition. Nike is operating a variety of sporting goods manufacture and sale, the plaintiff is the study of institutional sales of functional shoes, and other products. Nike's products are suitable for groups of athletes and sports enthusiasts, and the plaintiff's consumer products group is a minority in the field of health care. Court of First Instance to the parties do not have competition, not the competitors dismissed the positive of this prosecution. Masayuki This subsequently filed an appeal. identified by the Beijing High Court hearing, the product being the main function of this operation is that the Institute "physical training function" and "for low back pain, cervical spondylosis rehabilitation function"; and Nike and Nike Suzhou related products mainly for sports shoes and other sporting goods. aspect The main function of the two related products for groups, consumer objects, etc. there is a big difference. Therefore, as the main market operators of different products, it does not have a competitive relationship. content about "Products" appears in the "basketball shoes, give you power rocket launch moment and comprehensive protection", Nike Suzhou rhetorical use of metaphor performance of their products introduction, is a normal product promotion practices, not false propaganda. Finally, the court held that the trial verdict facts are clear, correctly applies the law should be maintained. 2012-3-21 12:27 upload and download the attachment (225.7 KB) Jamaica culture for the whole street culture has a very profound impact, walking in the street can also watch wearing clothing color Jamaica tied dirty boy, while the New Balance is to bring a new Jamaica color shoes. This series than in recent years has been the main push 574 New Balance more carefully and in particular, we will view finally from the flood before those shoes away, beautiful color collocation of shoes is not so rampant, let you have a strong attitude of the Reggae boys have better choices, is out of the ordinary. They want New Balance. Air, Jordan, Force, XX, Mid, update Velcro is still a laser pattern, four different styles of presented in November and December respectively presale 155 download (43.15 KB)2008-9-14- Air Jordan Force XX download (39.92 KB)2008-9-14- Air Jordan Force XX download (45.48 KB)2008-9-14- Air Jordan Force XXChina population statistics yearbook, the relevant data show that China has 30 million babies born each year, infants and children under 3 years of age are also nearly 80 million, of which the number of infants under 3 years of age in cities more than 10 million. If the amount of each city according to the medium consumption in 6 thousand births per year to 18 thousand yuan to calculate, then China maternity markets and have more than 100 billion yuan of the huge consumer space. the same, China shoes market each year at least 38 billion yuan market scale. However, children's shoes enterprises, product quality and safety issues, R & D investment is not enough, the standard is not pay enough attention, innovation ability, these are the current existing shoes enterprises, enterprises should pay attention to, small remind shoes enterprises should do the following to cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the market: A, the operation of the brand - the cornerstone of the development of at present, Jinjiang and other places around Nanan by children's shoes capital operation, brand influence, individual enterprises to the capital operation, the majority of clothing enterprise brand investment is large, have to hire a popular star, buy the hit cartoon characters, "star + advertisement + draft" individual leading brands to enter the market, entrepreneur brand operation consciousness is relatively strong; in contrast, Wenling shoes suit Fu Build shoes, some enterprises R & D center is located in Fujian, the basic two products remain synchronized, but the star endorsement, buy or lease cartoon image of less operation, the overall production phase. The consumption characteristics of two, quality of the conduct of the light asset strategy: unbearable light - asset light strategy refers to a mature market enterprises, especially multinational companies, only a small amount of hard assets investment, profits through output management, technology and brand, they focus on product development, sales, service and brand promotion strategy to make money, this strategy only focus on the birth of a number of manufacturing and processing sectors OEM Enterprises in china. recently, Adidas President Hainer said, because the current wage increases in China's employees, production costs increased, the company intends to reduce the proportion of production in China in the future. Adidas China company does not deny this statement, thus causing the industry to its domestic related OEM, raw materials supporting industries in the future where to worry. Adidas's strategic adjustment stems from the long-term implementation of the light asset strategy". From state policy to raw material costs to labor costs, they feel that Chinese manufacturing may not be as cheap and good as it used to be". "The old birds fly away. Where are the new birds?" This involves the employment of tens of thousands of people." Experts have painted the looming crisis. customer change OEM strategy "Adidas is our client."." Guo Weiwen, a spokesman for Guangdong state Footwear Company, told reporters a simple and clear account of the relationship between the two sides. Wan is one of Adidas's largest foundries in China. It is invested by Taiwanese businessmen. All of its products are made by Adidas. Currently, there are nearly 20 thousand employees. Guo Weiwen, a spokesman for WAN Footwear Company, explained the relationship between the two sides simply and concisely. Wan is one of Adidas's largest foundries in China. It is invested by Taiwanese businessmen. All of its products are made by Adidas. Currently, there are nearly 20 thousand employees. Guo Weiwen told reporters that Adidas's procurement strategy is indeed in accordance with the adjustment of enterprises. It is understood that at present, Adidas's orders in ten thousand countries have not decreased, business remained stable. "In the face of the current domestic cost situation, Adidas has also increased our purchasing price accordingly."." However, Guo Weiwen is reluctant to say how much the jump has reached. It means nothing wrong with the company. However, she also expressed concern that if the cost of manufacturing in China remains the current state, the future is not optimistic. previously, Guangdong footwear industry chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Yang Yelin told reporters, "a combination of various factors, the domestic footwear exports to increase prices 20%-35%, in order to maintain profitability.". in the Chinese arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce footwear branch secretary Wang Ying opinion, profit driven nature of Adidas production focus shift from the business can not be avoided, otherwise Chinese OEM model does not appear. Nowadays, production costs are increasing in many parts of the Pearl River Delta, not only in foreign countries