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2005 - 2015, Mr.Cartoon and Vans Syndicate is the first joint for ten years, Vans Syndicate is the highest branch of this regional syndicate founded ten years, from the initial creation, Vans Syndicate is the one and only positioning the skateboard culture, so it has become a benchmark for many of the Vans branch personal independence of conduct. as spur 10th anniversary anniversary, Vans Syndicate will be divided into five times this year and before worked together artists launched 10th anniversary engraved commemorative shoes, for the first time cooperation they locked ten years ago first person died the first famous tattoo, cooperation and Vans Syndicate Mister Cartoon graffiti art. Early in the Vans Syndicate at the beginning of the establishment of Mister Cartoon for the syndicate to create the unique letter "S" as the mark, the sign continues today. This year's Mr.Cartoon x Vans Syndicate? 10th anniversary commemorative shoes will be ten years before the shoes engraved, the original Authentic shoe body multiple color to black washed denim and replaced with more dark grey shoes making the iconic UltraCush HD clown pattern, insole not only draw a female the image of an angel, but also comes with a 2005 - 2015 mark words, the side of the shoe cloth with gold standard Vans Logo ". the shoes will be landing in the designated domestic shop at the end of 7, the sale price of 565 yuan, the store covers: Shanghai Jingan District city Beijing city Sanlitun Changle Road 704 Vans Mister Cartoon a joint interview with Q: how is the opportunity to let you have the opportunity to Vans and Syndicate cheap jordans joint cooperation? A: between me and Vans Syndicate by the opportunity is one of my friends at Supreme Berto who built. Berto I have been on the art style is very appreciated, it will lead me into the door of street culture. Many of his ideas are after me and Vans Syndicate jointly affect my shoes. Q: if you through Vans shoes in the process of growing up? A: I have been growing in the harbor area of Losangeles, so surfing and skateboarding is in daily life It is quite common for things. My first pair of shoes is in Vans? Torrance Blvd OG shop to buy, it is time to remember in my junior high school, then we will be his girlfriend or popular name in Bo in the traditional Vans Authentic shoes, the soles are always with pure white, pure white sole collocation waffle outsole, has almost become a symbol of Vans collocation. A few students soled shoes, even such a series of black soles. Vans in the autumn of this year released a series of Black Sole shoes, and get the Authentic surgery". In the shoe body with traditional canvas material collocation of dark blue, grey and white three colors, and other parts, such as Vans, Logo, shoe lace holes and soles are made of black flags. The shoes is extremely consistent with seasonal color in autumn, low-key and deep, calm and restrained. has been sold, the price: $45. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogthe red suede Jordan 14 "Ferrari Air" that must be a lot of friends dishes, through today's high-definition map can be more intuitive to see the Red Sued Cheap jordans online e excellent texture, plus the end of carbon fiber make it more luxurious decoration. The news was that the shoes were on sale this Saturday, but there has been no news yet. Have you been waiting? Nike, Air, Footscape, Woven, Chukka, Motion, shoes, wave, wave after wave. In addition to the previously exposed Blue / Brown and gray / white two colors, Nike once again push a black / yellow color version of the composition of the black and white brown theme shoes. The shoes are made of black leather. They are decorated with black and yellow woven fabrics. The Yellow lining and the white midsole are in sharp contrast to the black shoes. But on the toe and heel also joined the black rubber additive, unique humanized design will attract a lot of shoes than many favorite. 2012-7-22 07:38 upload and download attachments (213.61 KB) September approaching, CLOT is just entering the autumn season brings a series of rice, navy blue, gray color, orange-red and other bright colors both stylish single product, which includes a full layered costume shape CapePullover, spend woven fabrics made of wild Yi lining Crewneck Sweater, cardigan sweater, and CLOT popular Sweat Shorts. In autumn and winter series looking CLOT products, may wish to buy a few pieces of their own within easy level ride early autumn single product.September 28, Nike International Ltd. v. United States Honest Shoes Co., Ltd. Hefei trial began, Nike believes that the business sector in BAICHENG shoe seized counterfeit Nike shoes Nike infringed its registered trademark, request Honest court ordered the company to stop infringement, compensat air jordan 11 space jam for sale ion for the loss of up to 300,000 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike: Buy "false" infringement should pay 300,000 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's attorney said in the trial, 2006 November 24, Hefei Luyang District branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the report, in the second floor of a counter Honest Shoes, seized counterfeit "Nike shoes" 33 pairs, was already sold six pairs. The shoes seized the business sector now have all been sealed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike believes Honest footwear products company as a franchise business, should have known "Nike" brand on the objective, and the larger the business scale, the obligation to counter Product management oversight. However, the emergence of infringing goods in his shop, there is a subjective fault liability Honest Company. At the same time, these products are to undergo BAICHENG unified cash register, issued sales lists, invoices and other after-sales sell BAICHENG should bear the primary responsibility for the infringement. The plaintiff demanded Honest company immediately stop the infringement, and a public apology in the media, while compensation for 300,000 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; BAICHENG: rental counter responsibility from fear & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for Nike's cause of action and claims, Honest Company First He apologized, admitted that this was management loopholes. But then he suggested that the main plaintiff sued the defendant is incorrect. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since June 20, 2006, Jin will sign a lease contract with a hundred-company, leased Honest shoe store on the second floor of 10 square jordan 3 katrina 2018 meters Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street counter, after industry and commerce department investigated the counter infringing goods. Although Honest companies to adopt a unified cash register, invoicing sales model, but the company is completely unaware of the counter violations, tort consequences should be borne by Jin someone. The defendant attorney proposed 300,000 yuan in compensation without legal basis, far higher than the target amount prosecution Moreover, Honest company is only in the range of small-scale operations Hefei footwear sales companies, such as to apologize in Hefei local newspapers, do not need to expand its influence. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Judge: counterfeit punished & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although the two sides argued for their own, but the Hefei Intermediate People's Court Contractors The judge said the case, due to the hundreds of honest Unification cash register, issuance of tickets sold shoes way, for ????? packet counter selling behavior, Honest expressed full statement will not be adopted without the knowledge of the court. But Nike's request for compensation is too high. Trademark claims against the just property, not involving goodwill. The court will be archived qualification fake shoes, and then decide the amount of compensation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but for now the market "fake" sale of goods act should be severely punished, a warning to others, it will be a fair measure of the amount of compensation Honest, achieve mutually successful mediation and warning operators of market norms. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the end of the trial, both sides have agreed t jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black o mediation attorney.After Li-Ning Lining Wade's 2 Red Leopard, Snow Leopard snow leopard officially exposure. Vamp by a white background, and black gray composed of leopard pattern over the body, if you need a pair of eye-catching appearance, performance excellence, basketball boots that this pair of Lining Wade's 2 Snow Leopard is definitely your best choice. li-ning-way-of-wade-2-snow-leopard.jpg (187.37 KB, download number: 0) download Li-Ning Lining Wade the 2 Snow Leopard 2014-7-31 10:28 upload Li-Ning, Lining, Wade, 2, snow leopard, Snow Leopard 00 at the beginning of 2008 seems to be doomed this extraordinary year, sudden snowstorm, comparable to the ten year flood, once again challenge the economic risk index China against rising, while the high diving Chinese stock market also let hundreds of millions of people not living footing size, the other side of global concern of Olympic is wildly beating gongs and drums a, what marketing phenomenon unusual happened this year will be special, here the author boldly predicted as follows: 1, domestic luxury brands will continue derivative large-scale invasion of luxury brands, not only to stimulate China nerves of consumers, but also to stimulate the nerve Chinese enterprises for high-end and high-end consumers, the pursuit of profit will greatly stimulate the domestic brands will be at a speed of 120 miles! 2; "hidden trader" will scale up the Olympic Games held in Chinese, not only brought the world's attention, attention economy, culture, people's livelihood, Chinese at the same time, also led to more enterprises Chinese passion and impulse, all non conventional products, enterprises, brand, people will storm the stage, the Hurun list will re writing! 3; internationalization of capital operation accelerated on the one hand, although the stock market slump, but because the Olympic Games, all the entrepreneurs on the stock market is still full of fantasies and expectations, through more integration and merger to the capital of the stage, on the other hand, enterprise development, will be more olive branch, to greet the olive branch to achieve the integration, resources docking and strength. 4; after 90 marketing will become the mainstream so far this year, 90 has entered the adult, the next ten years will be their gold for ten years, and their "non mainstream" positioning, also decided the sellers will spend more thought, time and effort to study this group of consumers, and produce products suitable for them, mode of transmission, promotion means etc.. 5; full of sports marketing stained with Olympic lights, whether sporting goods, clothing, shoes and hats, or food, drinks, or even too muchIn each big brand in its latest spokesperson when launched all star boots, FILA sword slant engraved sign type spokesperson Grant's once. Hill's classic boots FILA 97, the designer retains the color design of the first year, white with navy blue color line integral, orange outline the color of the shoes, let the whole a 90s retro atmosphere. It is reported that the shoes will be landed in February 13th, the brand designated shops for sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.The day before we introduce the Just Don and Jordan Brand to build Air Jordan 2 network, today released the two sides to create a single product jacket, the designer to render the whole black, with red wing shoulders Logo embellishment, blue modified neckline, behind the embroidery way to show Jordan's autograph overall showing a very strong "Joe". At present, there is no specific product information released, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.??????air flight shoes pictures Discover the Magnificent Bridal Collection of Zuhair Murad for Spring Summer Wedding Dresses Zuhair Murad Bridal and Bridal Collection air jordan retro black and yellow joinery door detail Architecture and Design Wardrobes Closets and Doors flight shoes pictures Discover the Magnificent Bridal&nbs" /〉 finn comfort shoes nyc Tons of information about the SCD intro diet Digestive Healing Diet Autism and Remedies air flight shoes pictures Discover the Magnificent Bridal Collection of Zuhair Murad for Spring Summer Wedding Dresses Zuhair Murad Bridal and Bridal Collection The high and low bands are priced at $140 and $130, and there is an advanced version of $180. in July last year, CONVERSE upgraded their since its inception in 1908 the most popular classic shoes Chuck Taylor All Star Chuck Taylor, the full name of this shoe design, one hundred years almost never change until Chuck Taylor II was a big success. Chuck but II just upgrade, CONVERSE announced in June 7th that they will launch a new series of All Star Modern, the All Star series of classic shoe based on inspiration from the first pair of 1920 All Star shoes, but it is a future version of that iconic shoes "". Chuck II by the parent company Nike Lunarlon shock and All technology, Star Modern also used the Nike Hyperfuse shoe materials, the net, TPU, leather and hot pressed, relatively light with tough permeability; the sole are using Nike foot bottom in Phylon. "the new series offers an exciting modern style, but it still looks very CONVERSE." About this sentence, may be added "Different people, different views., black technology" retro shoes still show a strange feeling. When All Star Modern Chuck II at the end of the program began, almost 18 months ago, CONVERSE's design team to a pair of shoes and then put the prototype in 1920, the latest technology available on the front, and then think about a problem: if at that time have these technologies, we will do? 's first dual All Star in 1920 comfort is really important, especially when people take sneakers as everyday wear. Now, the shoes are not going to be painful on the last day, and it's hard for CONVERSE to do that before. 2003 Nike $305 million acquisition of CONVERSE, the sub brand has been the group's strong revenue force, the growth of the past five years are about 15-17%, higher than the average of 10% of the group. In July last year, Nike has CONVERSE too much interference, CONVERSE's design director Damion Silver said in an interview last year, CONVERSE launched the technical level of the dialogue is just to learn and Nike, all the work around to make shoes more comfortable and expanded, and the.