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as the most potential beyond Messi and C Ronaldo superstar, Neymar's performance on the pitch of a football legend also obvious to people, people are optimistic about the talented teenager, so whether it is football or commercial areas, Neymar has great potential. Previously reported for you, Nike in this year is likely to righting less, in place of C Ronaldo became the number one football star, just after the new year came news, Neymar is about to join hands Nike released the first Air Jordan football shoes. Nike Jordan Brand membership has incomparable dominance in the basketball field, but in football but few Jumpman, so Nike also take this opportunity to work with Neymar to make flying into football. It is reported that the first Air Jordan Air Jordan football shoes chose V based on the design, and to identify the color of elements to create, although at present there is no more details out, but I believe this pair has milepost sense football shoes will soon meet with you. Jordan Brand since the introduction of the concept of XLabX, through a series of "marriage" has released a number of popular popular shoes money, recently, the network once again released the latest Air Jordan 11Lab4 details photos. Paint Air Jordan 11 elements as the most representative elements as a whole series of classic, the 11Lab4 is the Air Jordan in the above 4 characteristics of blessing, design all red is more eye-catching brings strong luxury that visual sense, highlight the distinguished identity. Although there has been no details of the release of the offering, it is said to be officially released this summer. The red color in recent years seems to be quite hot, but it seems that in addition to the Air Yeezy 2 did not have too many impressive work, 11Lab4 can make a difference? We wait and see. Yesterday, the 2017 PEAK International Basketball Festival started in full swing, the Chinese line of signing PEAK star Lewis · Williams also reveal air jordan 11 space jam for sale ed this for the International Basketball Festival exclusive design of one of woven basketball shoes. This section with the development of a fabric uppers, also equipped with hot melt process and dynamic ribbon provide good package and support, OUTDOOR exclusive PEAK RB wear resistant rubber outsole also allows players more calm in the face of external plastic even cement. It is reported that the official price of such a reform of the combat shoes at all as long as $299, to the court of fans may wish to pay more attention to oh! TB2gROozNhmpuFjSZFyXXcLdFXa-94504595.jpg (292.38 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2.G9nzJRopuFjSZFtXXcanpXa-94504595.jpg (952.02 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2zAWgzHlmpuFjSZFlXXbdQXXa-94504595.jpg (529.84 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB29sqjvwJlpuFjSspjXXcT.pXa-94504595.jpg (828.72 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2sDVLvwRkpuFjy1zeXXc.6FXa-94504595.jpg (279.61 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 21:55 upload peak, PEAK 00DeMar DeRozan has scored 18 points at the Toronto NBA All-Star star, in addition to eye-catching performance on the feet of that particular Kobe 11 is particularly eye-catching. This section from the NIKEiD platform, interested friends may wish to the official Day, Noon, Night three tone launched personalized design. demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights-1.jpg (241.74 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:43 upload demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights-2.jpg (136.42 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:41 upload demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights.jpg (108.3 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:41 , Toronto, China upload, star game, the United States, Nike 00read Marvel Comics's friends should know, Dr. Doom is a big villains, Nike saw it, determined to its Air Foamposite Pro shoes as a reference to create a new color. Dr. Doom from costumes worn extracted among black and white two-tone, and into the upper, the shoe side Swoosh Logo and outsole among distinct color, reminiscent of the classic Oreo color. It is reported that the shoes will be officially on sale in February 2016, priced Write clear, please pay attention to the follow-up reports.adidas originals recently again for its popular shoes tubular x launched the a new color, overwhelmed by the designer in white and light gray combined constitute the whole, simple and smooth shape design, uphold the style of the family has had. It is learnt that the shoe has been officially landed Originals Adidas shop selling, interested friends may wish to shop to see it. Source: sizeyesterday after new shoes Nike Hyperchase fragment design of the joint name of grand debut, I believe we will have an understanding of the Nike Hyperchase of the new members, but friends say it is KD 6 and Lebron 11; with perfect, I do not know you have what kind of view? It seems the new Hyperchase came today to continue to refresh, but this is no longer a joint fragment design, but from the all star tournament all star Swoosh version, although the details are different, but the style is still unabated, or else how can let James Harden wearing it for the upcoming all star game. It is reported that the shoes will also be on sale in February 12th, the price is $120, ready ammunition to greet the arrival of the day, you guys. {div style=" text-align: center" 〉 many people want to design the industry, but without professional knowledge, they don't know and use CAD tools. Now most people who want to work in the design industry want to teach themselves CAD, so how can you learn CAD well when you teach yourself the CAD drawing tutorial? now tell you the basic commands you need to master 2D engineering drawings. Looking at a construction plan carefully, you'll find most of the shapes are straight, with a few arcs and circles. In fact, polygons are made up of lines. so you can start the initial work by just using the "Line" drawing command in CAD. It's that simple. Then you find that there is a parallel relationship between the line and the line, and there is a certain distance. By using the "Offset" command, you can generate parallel lines of source lines and specify the distance between parallel lines. And solve a problem. when you want a wide line, use Polyline. You can specify the starting point, width, and end width of a Polyline. Draw lines and arrows with width. Next, you find that the wall is crossed and wired internally. Remove it and use the "Trim" command. needs to extend one line to another line using the "Extend" command. Do you want fillet or bevel at the intersection of the two lines? "Fillet" and "Chamfer" can help you. Have you found the same object in the drawing? By the way, using the "Copy" command will help you get twice the result with half the effort. objects in the same shape, opposite directions, the "Mirror" command to help you; "Rotate" command, arbitrary adjustment of the object angle, so that you handy. Text input? The DText command is simple and useful. Change the text, and the DDEdit command is small and easy to use. "Dimlinear" horizontal and vertical annotations are simply unexpected. "Dimcontinue" marks the axis quickly and accurately. The "Circle" command allows you to draw large and small circles. Do you want to capture objects while drawing? Shift+ right mouse button opens to capture the floating menu. well, hold on. For beginners, these commands are enough to draw your usual drawings. Don't believe it. Just ask a skilled draftsman. Well, relax, within an hour. more than the content is simply introduced some of the CAD command, use, master these commands, you can draw general construction drawings. Do you think it's novel?with the arrival of spring, the bright colors are getting more and more up. All kinds of bright colors and green tones may reflect the season of vitality. New Balance recently launched the 2011 spring CM1500 shoes, green / white new color. The new product has a classic Green Suede and mesh material matching way, in terms of comfort and breathability are provided full guarantee. With a white midsole and a wearable, dirt resistant gray outsole. The color is reflected on the spring sunshine. with black history month comes, many stars have their own black boots this month, this month Nike Hyperposite Black Edition by new like Rudi - Gaye, Aldridge, Eyre and other players like Horford, shoes with dark colors, and collocation Africa totem design, dazzling orange shoelaces, the tongue BHM words and the whole shoe lining to Africa totem many feeling the vitality. 2013-1-22 09:15 upload and download attachments (242.58 KB) under the trend of redefining shoes, from the classic Italian shoes brand Diadora upstream attitude to the strong regression. This time, the brand is more and Concepts joint, bring this to the "Lire" do not note shoes. Using the most popular classic N.9000 shoes as a blueprint, with a pink cut pieces combination, the heel point more pressure on the 500000 mark and the tongue printed logo of concepts for details. This shoe will be in October 3rd in the shop shelves, missed the 2013 "C-Note" NB998 friends, this time must pay attention to. source: Diadora