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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Beaverton, Oregon, Nike Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Nike") office, the former Tour de France, "seven-time champions" Armstrong's picture was removed from the wall. posted on this wall collage of dozens of athletes, they are different times for the Nike endorsement star. Just a month ago, has been to support Armstrong's sponsor Nike decisively with him draw the line, officially announced the lifting of the sponsorship contract. A book of evidence the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced recently, allegations comeback fight cancer after 7 wins Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong of doping abuse, at the same time, the agency denied the Armstrong since 1998 All title and banned for its implementation. sporting goods giant Nike endorsement contract a lot of stars, which also makes it had to bear the negative news from the endorsement of the troubled star. Nike bring trouble to include frequent derailment Tiger & middot; Woods sex scandal caught Kobe & middot; Bryant and Ben & middot; Roethlisberger, and indecent words and deeds beneath Pennsylvania State University football teams. Even so, Nike chose to stand with them, it's the bottom line: private life is your thing, but when you are wearing Nike clothing, please observe the rules of the sport. The bottom line violation of Nike athletes will be ruthless abandon, such as the beginning of this century, Nike gave up tested positive for doping in track and field star Marian & middot; Jones, baseball player Jason & middot; good Dalby (Jason Giambi) in recognition After using steroids, Nike refused to join hands with him. more celebrity endorsements to spread the risk? In order to reduce the embarrassment caused scandal celebrity endorsement, some big brands take more celebrity endorsements way to spread the risks. For example, Pepsi has invited to Nicholas Tse, Sammi Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo, Faye Wong, rain, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and the like. "select number of celebrity endorsements, indeed can spread the risk to some extent, in effect." Adfaith ???? management consultant, told reporters that a number of stars at the same time or different times words, can strengthen the brand position and influence maintain brand vitality and attractiveness, but also differences in the use of different stars different product lines support sub-brand. For example, Nike sports products generally by the famous athlete endorsement, leisure series may endorsement by the Civic star non-athletes. However, "more celebrity endorsements can be described as double-edged sword", Professor of International Business Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Department of Marketing Chao steel orders, enterprises can make use of a number of star's influence grew rapidly, and once the individual spokespers air jordan 11 space jam for sale on situation occurs, others can continue to serve as the representative of the brand image, to spread the risk, but also lead to not enough focus on brand image, distinctive. innovative products to reduce dependence Nike is one more brand spokesperson, of course, one of its star of negative news by upsetting the brand, but now for Armstrong's "down", Nike has been like the past so tangled and worried, because The company's marketing reliance on superstar has been greatly weakened. In the past three years, Nike's advertising budget spent on traditional media declined by 40%, despite a record of its marketing budget in 2011 reached $ 2.4 billion. Company Advertising Age survey data show that Nike reached $ 800 million in 2010, non-traditional marketing budget, the proportion of total marketing budget in the United States ranked first in the advertiser. Nike found its core audience - young man moved from the television on the Internet, so hope can occur and customer relationship through innovative products directly, engaged in among their lives, control of their data, their grasp needs more effectively influence them. If you put the lid slightly larger than an adult thumb chip into a special Nike running shoes, this kind is called Nike + classic product that can track the movement you include time, distance and energy consumption and other data, including and encourage you to transfer the data to above, where you can get some suggestions for training, but also with friends to share their income. Michael era, Nike in order to attract more attention, and only in the US Super Bowl (Super Bowl) game, then have a maximum of over 200 million people / day attention, and now every day can easily achieve this Magnitude. While no financial details about Nike + but some foreign analysts say, Nike + increase the number of members by 55 per cent in 2011, while its running business up to 30% revenue growth, to $ 2.8 billion, Nike + contributed. "more celebrity endorsements is to deliver the brand values ??through personal influence at the same time generate the target customer 'pull' and direct way to reach consumers more of a direct 'thrust'," Yang Jianxin think, Marketing of the two different directions in nature, but accurate, interactive, cost advantages are not available in the traditional market. more "sticky" than the star increase digital marketing is another advertising giant Procter & Gamble to get rid of in the new media era "Star addiction," the latest strategy. In recent years, Procter & Gamble gradually realized in the search engines, social networks and other precision marketing platform, for different markets can be used to promote the combination of different, more cost-effective delivery of advertising, which previously P & G's advertising costs are mostly used in the celebrity endorsements to master of traditional media. "fundamental transformation of P & G's marketing approach will make it to reduce investment in the field of traditional media in favor of the creation of more personalized for each consumer." P & G's global marketing and brand building officer Marc Pritchard also had media said. "Of course endorser also will be part of the huge marketing budgets of these large FMCG companies, after all, as the TV ads with celebrity endorsements marketing approach for a mass consumer brand or its necessity, but they are in the company's marketing plan dominated the era is over. "Foreign Economic and Trade University, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing ?????? said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Jordan Brand occasionally brings out some rare colored shoes to frighten people. In 2007, when we saw the introduction of Air Jordan 3, 7 colors were introduced, of which only one was the color of the first year, and the rest were all new colors. This year, we'll see 5 new color matching Air Jordan 3. And now to bring you is not within the above range of Air Jordan 3 rare color, black / crack crack color matching. It looks like the reverse of the Air Jordan 3 White / explosion crack. Remove the toe and heel burst pattern unchanged, the whole shoe upper into pure black. The Jumpman Logo on the heel is white. just after Adidas Basketball first released D Rose 6 Halloween, PUMA also followed, bringing the special shoes for the Halloween this year. is modeled on the Puma Disc Blaze, with a textured leather upper, with a sharp orange look, and a contrast with Halloween? The NikeID platform will be in July 17th for some new shoes "denim" customization options, which are Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air 1 Force Low Nike, Air Force and Nike High 1, Air Huarache. The blue process inspired in Japan, when you will have more Japanese style custom designs for choice, still looks quite taste and characteristics. Interested friends don't miss it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! following the black Chen Chien-chou earlier Slide Show on foot Nike Vapormax "BeTrue" color, and a popular actress sun foot figure, she is Jolin ~~ well, comments are consistent praise, no wonder this pair of shoes is so difficult to grab, the rainbow sole did amazing! Xiao Bian remembers that Jolin used to speak for adidas. , but recently, she has shown a distinct NIKE LOGO whether in concerts or in everyday clothes. I wonder if NIKE has invited her to be a spokesperson Did Jolin favor +1 when he joined NIKE? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!reports about air jordan XX9 has separated five months, and finally to simultaneous release in the September 6 worldwide. To commemorate this great moment, we will launch a series of promotional activities worldwide. Following our previous reports Taipei Ximending concept store, the evening of September 5 this Fan, Jordan Brand in Shanghai concept store at NIKE Lab X158 Air Jordan Flight Club exhibitions and activities will heighten the Air Jordan XX9 strong debut of the atmosphere to a climax. In addition to showing disassembled Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan XX8 total of twenty-eight group Innovation Frame, let everyone know their Air Jordan's history. In addition ordan Brand Flight Club activities were also held, shoes and sneakers collectors from the three fans to share their collection with Air Jordan shoes as well as Jordan's story. This time the Air Jordan XX9 sale will begin until September 21, interested friends do not miss now yo. Nike Lab X158 Shanghai concept store 158 Xinle Road, Shanghai 2012-2-18 08:53 uploads and downloads attachments (130.04, KB) it's the weekend again. Would you like to have a beer with your friend? Maybe friends who are in and out of the bar must be familiar with the name "Black and Tan" today! It is to put two kinds of beer into a cup at different levels, so that you can feel the flavor of the two kinds of beer. The Nike SB Dunk Low also used such a creative to launch a "Black and Tan" as the theme of the new shoes, the toe with brown suede and gold textured leather wrapped, shoes in the middle of brown to black gradient color canvas material, the back part of the shoe body to join stable black suede heel, white Swoosh and heel tab and the bottom of the shoe body using integrated dark. If you still find it difficult to tell the design inspiration, then look at the cup of mixed Black and Tan on the shoe pad and you will see it clearly. Nike Roshe One Print bursting with popularity is the "standard", whether it is summer shoes material or color design, and all agree without prior without previous consultation this summer. recently, Nike launched new works for this section, with a dark red rendering, so that shoes have a variety of light and shade changes that is the sense of... Crocs, America's shoe brand, opened its flagship store in Asia Pacific yesterday in Shanghai. The general manager of Crocs Chinese District Rena says, card Luo into China last year, the company will gallop in the Shanghai market as the starting point, the number is expected within the first half of China shop will be from more than 200 to 1000, and will establish a production workshop in Chinese. Crocs is currently one of the most highly profitable shoe companies in the world. Crocs, the American shoe brand, opened its largest flagship store in Asia Pacific yesterday in Shanghai. The general manager of Crocs Chinese District Rena says, card Luo into China last year, the company will gallop in the Shanghai market as the starting point, the number is expected within the first half of China shop will be from more than 200 to 1000, and will establish a production workshop in Chinese. Crocs is currently one of the most highly profitable shoe companies in the world. (Editor: admin).BbsImg138588173980283_570_400.jpg (35.71 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:36 upload BbsImg138588174674726_570_427.jpg (24.27 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:36 upload BbsImg138588175930708_570_427.jpg (22.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:36 upload BbsImg138588176275062_570_427.jpg (27.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:36 upload Sherlock Bobcats, Augustin, Jordan 00Only lighter lightweight boots adidas 11pro SL 2013-12-08 22:17:26 adidas brought us white black orange color of the 11 pro SL-- latest ultralight kangaroo skin football boots. The new adidas 11pro SL subvert the "classic" football shoe design stereotypes, the perfect lightweight combination of breakthroughs and classic touch. Lightweight version weighs only 180 grams lighter than the standard version 11PRO 60 grams. It gives you a whole new selection of lightweight leather boots. Inheritance and development over half a century of experience in the production boots, adidas innovation. adipure series is one of its more than adidas Predator, F50 younger series, 11pro 11pro SL and being born in this series. 11pro SL upper with ultra-soft Kangaroo Pipi surface, which it is a traditional leather boots upgrade material. With its revolutionary single-layer composite adidas sprint synthetic Sprintskin. 11pro SL outsole with triangular feature is traxion odd nail instead of the traditional round studs boots, which is much like adizero, this design is mainly used to improve height control of the direction of movement. lightweight outsole 11Pro SL to the soles of spatial integration of the adidas miCoach module, miCoach lets you compare, share the achievements and challenges of their own data. A measure of computing time in the game or training activities, distance, speed, area, and sprint times can be easily achieved, because the adidas miCoach will you be able to score all the data stored. 11Pro SL with EVA insole anatomically principle to achieve excellent comfort. This adiPure features 4 similar, but because of the forefoot area stretching can make the action more responsive, more comfortable wear. Suede fabric lining in a further increase comfort, but also reduces the chance of moving the foot in the shoe, making lightweight boots more comfortable and safe. shoe network pricing is ? 175 / $ 280 / ? 210, the Global Offering is expected to start around July 19.