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adheres to the brand development concept of technological breakthrough and product innovation, and forms a professional R & D team composed of international professional designers to design, develop and innovate their own brands. The company encourages "fragmentation" innovation in the traditional outdoor leisure shoes on the basis of cooperative innovation and relevant enterprises international excellent outdoor shoes such as raw materials, by leveraging intellectual fusion and breakthrough, developed their own new outdoor leisure shoes. Among them, the "BOA" series of outdoor shoes, using flexible wire instead of laces, 2 seconds "by a twist" single hand easily break the traditional shoelace tightness, tie pattern, bring new wearing experience for outdoor sports enthusiasts, a listing of consumers, Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall, a Jingdong, Amazon's flagship store hot models. now, two research and development of the company is "BOA" series of casual shoes, the smart chip in the calculation of the amount of exercise and built-in shoes related position, and continue to refine wearing shoes, outdoor leisure shoes to seize the consumer market. (global shoe network Arlene editor) after watching the white version of the earlier exposure, Adidas Originals NMD R1 PK new "Zebra" series before the complete open. Two designs were in black and white Primeknit shoes, with a strong sense of modern digital zebra textured decorative uppers, and originally on both sides of the three line and the front end is covering synthesis is omitted, stable block finally equipped with the same color and vamp, and white BOOST midsole and outsole is semi transparent. Although Adidas Originals has not yet disclosed the sale information of this series, but I believe it will soon shelves, that is, Black Zebra and white horse, how to choose? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! founded in 1922 from the United States classic shoes brand Allen Edmonds, to the classic process to create amazing shoes, brand new ideas from the 100 year history of major league baseball MLB, with classic sailing shoes "Sandlot" to join the baseball red stitching the design concept, and join the team LOGO blessing, that will be the favorite baseball friends love, in addition to create special wooden stretcher. , G1950, x, Pony, 2010 autumn / winter series, joint shoes, Broadway, Flight, Club, opening scene, pictures comments on last article: G1950 x Pony 2010 autumn / winter series of joint sneakers next: Broadway Flight Club opening scene pictures NBA2009 - 2010 year in the playoffs, Kobe Bryant and his Losangeles Lakers teammates in "road" game "Del Sol" Nike Zoom and Kobe V expedition, and now, the shoe has landed Proper and other major stores, become ordinary fans can also enjoy the super combat cheap air jordans readiness. The color department Jie double "Del Sol" Nike Zoom Kobe V Nike Zoom Kobe IV since the former "golden /Del Sol", the whole shoe was black, the fly line and the imitation of snake toe and midfoot material mixed crafted. In addition, the shoes are equipped with white / black spots, midsole, white hooks with yellow edges and yellow outsole. As mentioned earlier, this new product is now on sale at Proper, a well-known store, and friends like you must not miss it. Source: War shoes Wang , skin retro, don't note Nike, Blazer, High, Vintage, chlorophyll, Nike, Trainer shoes review last article: "skin retro, do not note" Nike Blazer High Vintage next: chlorophyll Nike Trainer shoesRolex officially certified custom provider Bamford Watch Department has launched a "Commando Edition" of planning, named "Commando" series name suggests is a military design elements as advertised. ROLEX MILGAUSS were used as well as two models launched SUBMARINER transformation, each in Desert, Combat and Forest three color expansion, very military flavor. Among MILGAUSS priced at 12,000 pounds, SUBMARINER, compared with 13,000 pounds, strength and military elements like a friend may wish to look.Homecoming 2013-12-09 00:03:37 You can take away all the time, your joy, your sadness may cease to exist with the passage of time, we like to collect things, especially for those of us have memories of things, actually, "fetish" Nothing not Well, we can recall the many things one item of the year. In today's shoe market, engraved shoes to attract more and more attention, and we meet every year in addition to the Air Jordan series, other brands also have added to the engraved army, but in these brands, have CONVERSE many classic shoes is very low-key, yet no shoes engraved news broke, it also allows us to have too many expectations with this conjecture, finally, this double CONVERSE CONVERSE Aero Jam came before us, Old shoes fans finally have the opportunity to realize their dreams again. Speaking of Larry Johnson's nickname "Mother", would have to mention the year CONVERSE commercials, in the film, Han Shuo stature, honest face Larry Johnson plays a skirt wearing "Grandma" and the Reality The own-one basketball, and finally "Grandma" jump dunk to win the match, the commercials in the year with interesting ideas can be described as unusually hot, so Larry Johnson will have a "Grandmama" nickname, but we but the habit of calling him "aunt." CONVERSE Aero Jam name perhaps for some young shoe lovers will be some strange, after all, born in 1993, it now has a full distance past 20 years, which is even better than some of the young Shoes Age also big fans, but in the past, this pair by the "Mother" Larry Johnson endorsement shoes CONVERSE even it represents the highest technology level of the entire shoe market, Aero Jam using one of the year's most top-cushioning technology The REACT cushioning technology, and unique shoe cover design also became one of the shoes design pinnacle, though see this double Aero Jam with today's eyes, you might feel a little heavy, but an unparalleled sense of history and intimacy is now Now shoes can not be given. This pair of engraved version of the Aero Jam body, we saw some yellow and do the old process, which further strengthened the sense of history who Aero Jam, open the lid again that classic shoe, the familiar feeling leather, armed with a pair of Aero Jam, you may even hallucinations, to issue such a sigh, "Is this the first year of the double is it?" Indeed, it is difficult to see the engraved one pair of shoes will be used to do the old process, if We can only accept them "young" look, but in this double Aero Jam body, we saw the traces of the years, perhaps Aero Jam also like us, I grew up and matured. Air Jordan 5 "CP3" color exposure 2013-12-08 23:05:02 As we all know, after last year's Air Jordan 4, this year is a bumper year engraved Air Jordan 5, but no one expected to Jordan Brand will be launched this year so many new color Air Jordan 5. In addition to the weekend as it brings the two & nbsp; outside "Black Grape" color and "Oreo" color, today, and a new color of the Air Jordan 5 is exposed to the network. dubbed Air Jordan 5 & quot; CP3 & quot; as the name suggests is the color of the shoes Jordan Brand's spokesperson Chris Paul headed for inspiration, color is now used Paul Clippers logo color. Blue suede leather upper with red lining and outsole, partly by silver outline details. The body of the shoe on the side of "23" is the word for doing Paul's back number "3", in order to highlight the special nature of this shoe. It is reported that this & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 & quot; CP3 & quot; color will be on sale at the end of 2013, at the end of the shoe market, can be expected in turn will have a reign of terror ah! APL Concept 3 "Tidepool" color sale 2013-12-09 00:00:50 Following last month's sale of limited edition APL Concept 3 "breast cancer" color, Athletic & nbsp; Propulsion Labs Concept 3 has launched a new "Tidepool" color. Uppers use a beautiful water green, with orange-red outsole and lining, midsole is used to create a clean, white, whole shoe design simple and full of vitality. Technology continues the ban because the NBA and great reputation made Load`N & nbsp; & nbsp; Launch Technology, can help the wearer increase vertical jump height. It is reported that this new color of the APL Concept 3 is now on sale, priced at $ 175. & Nbsp; hot incoming Air Jordan 4 "Oreo" 2013-12-08 23:17:11 Following the Air Jordan 6 "Oreo" hot, this year Jordan Brand will also introduce a similar to "Orly Austrian "color of the Air Jordan 5, but not enough, Jordan Brand intends to launch this year, Air Jordan 4" Oreo ", gray with black very low-key, in the end the ink dot design appeals to the imagination, whether this paragraph Air Jordan 4 "Oreo" will not meet with us? Please continue to focus our follow-up reports.Retro Running Shoes leader New Balance recently brought us a new MR997PR, based on the black suede shoes, plus leather brown and orange details as the ornament, highlighting luxury. Heard of this MR997PR is a very popular novel a century of American design inspiration, from a specially designed package, you can see the "THE BLACK HAT SHERIFF" (black hat Sheriff) words, but have not yet found related to the novel. In addition to shoes, special edition package also comes with a badge and towel, it is in good faith. bd94f04ac22748dd66da3d68a9375fcd.jpg (130.82 KB, download number: 1) download New Balance MR997PR black color 2014-11-30 08:50 upload 60572c7d073bc22a5a53a530d81262d1.jpg (200.32 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MR997PR black color 2014-11-30 08:49 upload fca1de4516a8e9419abd3796f45b0f3a.jpg (106.79 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MR997PR black color 2014-11-30 08:51 upload b9c9608e5f539810fb070011a157b4ea.jpg (128.32 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MR997PR black color 2014-11-30 08:50 upload ac5e7029b4a92dea140e95c4f5dedfe0.jpg (106.26 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MR997PR black color 2014-11-30 08:50 upload 2c2c49f59613c00cc0119c0928d531a9.jpg (145.49 KB, download number: 0) download 〈0According to Vietnamese media recently reported that the Spanish Footwear Association said that in 2006, Vietnam exported 20 million pairs of shoes to Spain, exports 199 million euros, following China's second place. Reported that in 2006, China exported 211 million 400 thousand euros of shoes to Spain, exports amounted to 575 million 600 thousand euros, accounting for 71.5% of the total imports of footwear in the country, accounting for 35.1% of total imports. China's : according to Vietnamese media recently reported that the Spanish Footwear Association said that in 2006, Vietnam exported 20 million pairs of shoes to Spain, exports 199 million euros, following China's second place. : reported that in 2006, China exported 211 million 400 thousand euros of shoes to Spain, with an export volume of 575 million 600 thousand euros, accounting for 71.5% of the total imports of footwear in the country, accounting for 35.1% of total imports. each pair of shoes the average price of Chinese exported to Spain for 2.72 euros, far lower than the export price of Vietnam to Spain (9.9 euros / double). The report also said the 2006, Spain imported 295 million 700 thousand pairs of footwear, imports amounted to 1 billion 637 million euros, an increase of 16.4% and 15.4% respectively than in 2005. The import of rubber footwear (half of imports amounted to 378 million euros), the rest is shoes and leather shoes. (editor in chief: admin) maybe is that prior to the "deep Pewter color is not enough, overwhelmed, KYRIE 1 again to bring a product called" Australia "color to pay tribute to the Carey & middot; Owen's hometown -- Australia, overall green, supplemented by bronze followed by details and light green Swoosh ornament, bring a closer to the nature of visual experience. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when clients", let more people to get your life! Source: nicekicksArmstrong Lance powerful waist hip is not only a good life must be, but also a qualified driver's essential. Cycling, the thigh has played a major role, but the hip muscles can not be ignored. Every step, Be took the lead, when the turning point of the time, it was the turn of the thigh. Finally, hip flexor force pull, to complete a cycle. If the hips not sufficient strength to lift, your body will power for hips and back will bear more pressure. This is why often can see drivers riding in body kept shaking -- this is to provide space for the leg lifting action. with your hip strength and flexibility to upgrade, you can also burst out when riding more energy, reduce the power of the dead, while also reducing the pressure on the back of the back. Here is the small series for hip three health care law. one, improve posture: when the cushion height at the time, will cause tension or pain in the hip flexors. While the novice often mistake is the group is too high or too low, the waist pressure, cause lumbar muscle strain. , two hips exercise in addition, the key lies in the maintenance of the hip exercise and stretching. 1. standing on one foot, legs apart, imitate the riding posture (body forward, hands empty, knees slightly bent). Then slowly straighten the supporting foot, like riding a bicycle. Turn left and right foot repeat 3-5 times. 2. support arm and body vertical, main body remains straight, keep the movement of about 20 seconds, then repeat several groups. With the improvement of the core area of muscle, can gradually extend the time, achieves the better training effect. 3. lunges stand straight, legs touchdown, hands behind, keep moving around the center of gravity of the body to tighten the abdomen, small amplitude. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then switch legs. This action is suitable for riding after, if you have plenty of time, best every day, a week or so will improve body flexibility. three, lower back exercise in addition to directly exercise the buttocks and lower back exercises can also indirectly reduce the hip strain, but also enhance the riding stability, improve the efficiency of the stampede. Romania deadlift, exercise the back, have Qiaotun method this action is called "bridge" this movement can exercise lower back, relieve low back pain or lumbar intervertebral disc herniation (lower back muscles can support the waist, the waist strain is reduced). know the method of maintenance of the hip, and friends can always practice Oh, the ancients said: when not protects the waist, needy old.