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The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11 Beijing time at 10:30 on April 14, 2016, the Losangeles Lakers will be at home Staples Center against the Utah jazz, the game will also be Kobe · Bryant 20 career curtain call battle. 20 years passed, countless glory plus body, when we say that with a miracle, but Kobe used 20 years of tireless efforts to strive for. Although Joe closer in career also retire 3 times, but for Kobe, we all know that tomorrow is another end; greatness is never a one-way street, the road passed by love he hated his people however, too many to count, after tomorrow everything will be as trassient as a fleeting cloud. there is no doubt that this week belongs to Kobe, and a variety of tribute activities have been opened. For the fans and friends, the best way is to have some memorial on behalf of his special items, duwusiren perhaps is currently the only people can do, so this week we will recommend 5 with Kobe about the special significance of a single product, if he is also accompanied by your entire youth, no worry in charge. After all, can not bear to say goodbye. Retirement Letter price: $200 to $1000, about 1292 ~ 6463 RMB purchase address recommendation: the release of letters represents the end of an era. in November 25th last year, Kobe in the "Players Tribune released a" Dear Basketball "retired letter, sincere emotion expressed his love for the game and don't give up, but helpless body made him see not like before moving forward, so to make this difficult decision. After seeing the news of Kobe's retirement, countless fans immediately bought tickets for Sunday's Lakers home game, shocked and saddened by the fact that everyone knew that the countdown had officially begun. In Sunday's game, the letter "Dear Basketball" has been made a gift to the crowd, from the black envelope sealed, HV positive logo meaning Hello Villain, on the back of KB 20 "represents 20 years of NBA career. This special letter itself has been moved, did not expect to be produced by the official production, so the value of natural self-evident. editor suggests: the price of different preservation degree is different also, if you plan to begin to install after installing oneself, can consider reasonable purchase then. In addition to the previous Ultra Boost, Canada Reigning Champ Adidas clothing brand also teamed up to create a Ultra foamposites for cheap Boost Mid. This shoe body with red, blue, green and other colors of the Primeknit woven, both sides of the transparent cladding will be replaced by the traditional synthesis of Cage, Adidas and Ronnie respectively, the Fieg logo embellishment in the collar of the shoe woven cloth standard, combined with the white heel bracket, Boost midsole and rubber outsole and. ronnie-fieg-x-adidas-ultraboost-mid-1.jpg (30.35 KB, download number: 13) download Ronnie Fieg x adidas Ultra Boost Mid 2016-10-4 21:45 upload ronnie-fieg-x-adidas-ultraboost-mid-31.jpg (134.66 KB, download number: 12) download Ronnie Fieg x adidas Ultra Boost Mid 2016-10-4 upload 21:45 ronnie-fieg-x-adidas-ultraboost-mid-2.jpg (79.89 KB, download number: 12) download Ronnie Fieg x adidas Ultra Boost Mid 2016-10-4 21:45 Ronnie Fieg Adidas upload, Ultra Boost, Mid Tony 2016-10-4 21:46 on this topic by the 00 generationACG Wildwood seems to be engraved in 2014, as one of the oldest ACG shoes, as early as 1989 had to meet you. Two new products and new added texture of leather and light embellishment, thick EVA bottom on durable black rubber outsole, highlights ACG outdoor shoes classic style, also let you in the next autumn in the same shining infinite. 1407206238426_720x450.jpg (195.54 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 11:10 upload 1407206239094_720x450.jpg (54.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 11:10 upload 1407206238427_720x450.jpg (57.17 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 upload 11:10 1407206239125_720x450.jpg (65.25 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 11:10 upload 1407206239103_720x450.jpg (58.3 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 11:10 upload 1407206239474_720x450.jpg (60.41 KB, download number: 0) download Nike ACG Wildwood new 2014-8-5 11:11 Nike Nike ACG Wildwood upload, 00Whenever I think of the late 90s the great Air Max series, Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 are always in mind, but also the two Air; Max 96 and Air Max 98 has always been forgotten. Now, Air Max 96 finally came back, but not the same. The Air regression Max 96 changed, there are always some indescribable feelings, no palm Air Max outsole also used materials and new style, do not know whether love shoes fans will have some sense of loss? 002.JPG (38.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 02:47 upload 003.JPG (33.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 02:47 upload 004.JPG (121.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 02:47 upload 7, execution: 〉 image; 〉 threshold parameter is set as below, after determining the layer blending mode to "soft light", add a layer mask with black brush off the excess part. 9, select the brush tool, select the appropriate brush settings as shown, you can download some hair brush. 10, beginning with a brush painted hair, for each part of the need to create a new layer, many must add mask with a black brush wipe. The hair after a good painting, create a new layer and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E + Ctrl curve sealed layer, L, slightly a little brighter, and then Topaz filter sharpening, add a layer mask with black brush wipe part distortion. 13, press Ctrl + M to contrast a little louder, and then determine the burn tool to eyes, slight eyebrows a little deeper, the completion of the final results. BBall low popularity of sports shoes New York footwear brand Common Projects for 2014 days before winter brings a white color. The design of the continuation of the brand's iconic minimalist shoe body contour, and uses as the most high-quality white leather production, with the details of perforation toe increase permeability, then with the retained number design signature, in simplicity also revealed a trace of elegant atmosphere. 0.jpg (29.33 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-11 upload sneakers at 21:57Hand in hand with the classic shoe brand Clarks popular shoe designer Ronnie Fieg, for the spring and summer of this year has brought a new series of Kildare joint. The cooperation between the two sides choose to Clarks's brand new shoe Kildare as the starting point, to create the Ronnie Poppy Red and Salmon/Grey two colors. The design is made of high quality suede material, which combines the traditional design to enhance the breathability. Finally, the wearable Oxford sole appears. The new Ronnie Fieg x Clarks Kildare joint series will start on April 26th, in Kith stores and around the official sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. 0.jpg (529.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 1.jpg (679.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 2.jpg (514.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 3.jpg (444.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 4.jpg (459.25 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 5.jpg (466.17 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-26 upload at 14:49 2014Chinese people do not go to the Nike hateful capitalism, on the contrary, Nike marketing in today's American culture coincided with the Chinese people's desire for freedom and individuality echoes. Early in Chinese people expect will have a new birth of national hero before, Nike had already started to move. Greek Olympic track and field, in the 110 meters hurdles champion Liu Xiang became the moment, Nike to market a series of new ads. This picture on TV: the starting line, ready to move, Asian calf skin ...... starting with a series of actions, subtitles play: Law 1, Asians muscle explosive enough? Law 2, Asians can not become the world sprint trapeze? Law 3, Asians lack the momentum to win? Then pull shot, Liu Xiang leading the way, the opponents behind. Subtitles played: laws are made to be broken. This ad immediately achieved great success. An opportunity to enter the Chinese market - wealthy class grew according to Hill & amp; Knowlton A recent survey shows that Nike is the most popular brand of Chinese middle class. To some extent, today's Nike, like the last century 80's Flying Pigeon bicycle, become a symbol of the Chinese people's identity and status. Last year, Nike's sales in China grew by 66 percent, or about $ 300 million. In addition, Nike store at a rate of 1.5 per day expansion in the Chinese market. Nike successfully entered the Chinese market, not unrelated to the rise of the Chinese middle class, westernized and personal life in the pursuit of the middle class Nike is able to meet their place. Americans yearn for a long time on the Chinese market. Early in the 19th century, they sell opium to the Chinese people in exchange for tea and spices. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, China has become the most potential in the world, one of the fastest developing markets, which for any US company, is a fact beyond doubt. Despite the huge US trade deficit amount, but US exports to China in the past three years, the CCP grew by 76%. According to a survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce showed that 3/4 of US companies said their investment in China is profitable, most of the profits obtained in China, far more than investment in other parts of the world. American Chamber of Commerce in China agency official said: "If you want to sell something, first of all have a place in this market." Pondering the mentality of Chinese consumers - a symbol of Westernization taste for the Chinese government, western countries and hateful and lovely - endless longing for their high-tech, but its ideology everywhere beware. But for Chinese consumers, foreign trade would mean identity. In the past, sales of Lenovo computers once a 2: 1 ahead of foreign brands, but now expensive Dell has made this gap is gradually narrowing. Today the Chinese people, will baggy jeans, sitting inside Starbucks coffee chat viewed as a symbol of quality. As for the sports shoes market, Chinese domestic brand Li Ning has also been the position of market leader Nike surrendering, even though the price is higher than Li Ning, Nike has more than doubled. One expert said: "The emerging middle class in pursuit of a Westernized lifestyle Nike's clever is that it is not practical to sell in China, but a status symbol.." Zhang Han likes to wear King T-shirt and overalls. He believes that Nike has a cool thing, he proudly opened the closet, the exhibition of his collection Collector's Edition --19 pairs of Nike sneakers, top with NBA star Carter et al., Autograph. The pay for his habit of favorites from his father's. Chang Han said: "Most Chinese people do not have the economic strength of the collections Nike, but I also know someone a collection of over one hundred pairs of it!" Then, he drove the Jeep, went to McDonald's with his girlfriend. In 1980, Zhang Han yet born, Nike founder Phil Knight, once stated: "China has two billion feet do we want them to have to wear Nike!!" Affect Chinese people's values ??- freedom and individuality China, test scores in the 1990s is everything, sports simply insignificant. Under such circumstances, how could expect people to spend two months salary to buy a pair of sports shoes? So, Nike executives made a very challenging decision - Effect of Chinese culture. Nike to donate Shanghai secondary schools, so that students were able to play basketball after school in the school playground. Sort of action soon by the Chinese people's response: Nike's sales grew by 60% in a year. Nike to bring China's far beyond basketball. In 2001, Nike marketing in China has entered a new stage, as Nike's strong marketing, American rap music in China are able to flourish. A famous DJ Gu Yu said in Beijing after he first heard rap song in Nike television commercials, on this quite possessed. Today, he and his partner not only runs a small shop selling these basketball shoes, also wearing Nike's top disco to Beijing. Not only that, Nike has also changed the long-standing Confucian influence the lives of seniors. In Shanghai, 22-year-old dental nurse Ye Zhen of such persuade her aunt to buy a pair of Nike, "Nike is not only comfortable to wear, and there will be no odor." Chinese people do not go to the Nike hateful capitalism, contrary Nike are selling American culture coincided with today's Chinese people's desire for freedom and individuality echoes. In Beijing's three dozen on three basketball, a Chinese DJ playing rap music with Dell laptops, he said: "Maybe the government did not vigorously pursue rap or other street culture, however, there is no problem, as long as we do it on their own "and this is the Nike ad classic phrase to express the connotation -"! Just Do It "- just do it!NIKE for this year's NFL XLVIII Super Bowl once again to build a noteworthy Air Trainer 1. "Pro Bowl & quot; topic stunning as this double Air Trainer 1." Pro Bowl & quot; white leather face coffin from the overall design, the shoe body and inside Shangzhui has amazing big red flower pattern, the outer end to end transparent ice composition, as people absolutely lovely. This double Air Trainer 1 "Pro Bowl & quot; will be officially sales in January 25, ladies shoes fans please wait and see . & nbsp; following the first year of the earlier release of the air Mowabb og engraved version to great acclaim, and recently the news Nike will take advantage of thermal engraved on a first color. Out of the hands of the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, ACG air Mowabb is a will air Hurache and traditional outdoor boots phase blend of classic, whether it is retro feel full design or out in the great outdoors functional, let air Mowabb become the most representative in the ACG regional representative of single one of the goods. According to the complex, this air Mowabb will use brown suede shoes, boots in the supplemented with purple and yellow, and black TPU heel baffle retained the flavor of the yuan. At present, the official has not yet announced the release of this shoe, the interested friends may wish to pay attention to our follow-up reports. (Editor: YOYO)Bread recently held in Berlin, Germany, & ; Butter fashion trade show, the British footwear veteran Martens Dr. launched its 2013 spring and summer products. Than in the past to retain classical styles, with many fresh design, camouflage, preparation, rivet, tie dye, carved... Hot pop elements are readily available, can be described as rich and wonderful, is looking forward to. addition, Martens Dr. also launched a new series called "in England Made", emphasizing the original England manufacturing. Contrast BALANCE NEW the red fire, taking into account a lot of friends on the low immunity, presumably this series will have a certain prospect. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;