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Probation Order

Preface In criminal law, law-breakers especially youth who are released on probation are being supervised by Probation Officers. Story If being bad is being evil, hell will have a . . .  more

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Golden Brother

Sit Ho Ching used to be an everyday white-collar worker who had no ambition and no plans for his future. Everything went smoothly until one day, when his boss set him up and his gi . . .  more

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7 Assassins

When social unrest plagues a Kingdom in ancient China, the Imperial Court collects stockpiles of gold from local governments to expand the royal army. However, the gold is robbed w . . .  more

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Zombie Fight Club

It's the end of the century at a corner of the city in a building riddled with crime - Everyone in the building has turned into zombies. After Jenny's boyfriend is killed in a zomb . . .  more

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McDull: Me & My Mum

As a child, Bobby Mak was known as Mcdull. Although Mcdull wasn‘t the sharpest tool in the shed, his mother was a different story. Her astounding intelligence and resourcefulness . . .  more

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The Assassin

A female assassin during the Tang Dynasty who begins to question her loyalties when she falls in love with one of her targets. . . .  more

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Helios (2015) Crime ,Action,


Wanted criminal "Helios" and his assistant stole a quantity of uranium and plan to produce weapons of mass destruction. They are planning to trade with a terrorist organization in . . .  more

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The Leakers

The film centers around a Malaysian pharmaceutical company using a new virus to generate an epidemic. A secret organization, known as "The Leaker", discloses this information. Afte . . .  more

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Mr. & Mrs. Player

Chinese Feng Shui master Carson was a "Natural Born Player", taking names and breaking hearts. Fate had it that he would meet his match, the hot veterinarian Chi-Ling. It was love . . .  more

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Drug War

The taciturn police commander Zhang leads an undercover drugs team and in his continuous battle against the ubiquitous drug barons, takes up arms against his arch enemy, Timmy Choi . . .  more

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Man of Tai Chi

In Beijing, a young martial artist's skill places him in position to experience opportunities and sacrifices. . . .  more

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God of War

During the 16th century, pirates rule the Chinese coastline, pillaging the small villages and terrorizing the citizens. When maverick leader Commander Yu enlists the help of a shar . . .  more

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Saving General Yang

When a rival nation sends troops to invade the Song Dynasty, the emperor sends general Yang Ye (Adam Cheng) to defend the nation. However, Yang's place in the court is shaky due to . . .  more

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Naked Ambition 3D

An honors graduate in literature, Wyman is stuck writing cheap erotic fiction, but somehow ends up starring in an AV film. Suddenly a porn superstar in Japan, he discovers a whole . . .  more

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The Game Changer

Two escaped prisoners join one of the most powerful gangs in Shanghai, the Green Gang, as the right-hand men of the head boss Mr. Tang. When Mr. Tang tries to gain total control ov . . .  more

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Wicked City

Based on the popular Japanese sci-fi comic strip, "Wicked City" is about a futuristic Hong Kong on the verge of a take over by the Reptoids--ruthless monsters disguised as humans. . . .  more

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The chief investigator of Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is banking on a key witness, the corporate accountant Jack (Nick Cheung Ka-fai), to testify . . .  more

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Eat Drink Man Woman

The film tells the story of a retired and widowed Chinese master chef Chu (Si Hung Lung) and his family living in modern day Taipei, Taiwan. At the start of the film, he lives with . . .  more

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The Tag-Along: Devil Fish

When a spirit medium is called to exorcise a demon from a possessed man, he is unknowingly captured in the act by two students looking to document the process. When the students ac . . .  more

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Soul Mate

Featuring unforgettable performances from Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun who made history by tying for “Best Actress” at the most prestigious Chinese language film award, Soulmate p . . .  more

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